Securus Technologies carries on delicate balancing act in serving its customers

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of inmate communication services in the nation today. Operating in the prison communication space, Securus has to balance the unique needs of its customer base. These are often directly conflicting, with the two primary customer bases, the guards and the prisoners who they are charged with guarding, oftentimes having diametrically opposed interests.


This would seem to be an almost impossible tightrope to walk. But Securus is capable of doing it in a way that delivers strong value to both groups of customers. Although many people believe that the prison industry is dominated by greedy companies that don’t have to make any effort to please the end users – the inmates – this conception is far from the truth. In fact, many telecommunications firms that used to operate in prisons no longer do so. Simply put, this is because they could not remain competitive with other companies.


The truth is that, if companies like Securus do not provide quality services at reasonable rates, the inmates simply will not use the services. This will lead to dramatically falling revenues, causing the telecommunications firms to be eaten alive by their own fixed costs. In fact, this has happened many times over to various unsavory prison telecommunications companies.


What Securus has managed to do is to keep the rates low, the quality high and deliver both strong revenues and strong security features to the institutions themselves. This has enabled them to win new contracts and maintain the old ones, delivering strong value to both the inmates and the guards.


It has been Securus’ unique ability to walk this tightrope that has enabled it to be so successful throughout the nation’s prisons. With more than 20 percent of the total prisons in the country using Securus systems, it is the second most popular inmate communications platform and one of the most beloved by both inmates and guards.