How to Organize a Party like A Pro

When planning for a party, simplicity is vital. Do not get overwhelmed or stressed during the process. As long as you start planning early, you will be able to organize a memorable event. Corporate event planners in NYC live by the following guidelines when designing events.

Provide a Self-Serve Bar

Setting up a self-serve bar for the guests to mix their drinks is the key to having a simple drink service in your event. Have a chic tray with a variety of liquor, a pitcher, and a few party mixers. This will allow the guests have fun making their cocktails. Set up a tray of sparkling water and champagne near the door to welcome the visitors as they arrive. The guests can pick a drink and start interacting immediately after reaching.

Have a Simple Setting

Have a correctly set table that incorporates a modern twist that is not complicated. You can do this by handwriting names on a piece of paper and attach to the stem of fruit or binding flatware with a colorful fabric. You can also add natural features that blend with your theme.

Serve Simple Appetizers

Set up trays containing mouth-watering appetizers instead of a sit-down meal. This will allow the visitors to sample different flavors and interact more with each other. If you want to prepare appetizers fast, get ready-made ingredients from the stores and assemble them instead of preparing everything from scratch.


Set aside sometime before the visitors start arriving to freshen up and wear something elegant for the event. You can also light candles to increase the ambiance and create a welcoming environment. Make sure you smile while you open the door and don’t forget to have a drink in hand. Having a relaxed attitude will make your guests do the same.

About Twenty Three Layers

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