Stream Energy was established in the year 2004 mainly as an American firm for retailing both natural gas and electricity. Originally, it was providing energy, wireless, defending and home services. Its headquarter is located in Tollway Center, Dallas. Its main sales channel is a multi-level marketing. Previously, enhanced skills to its workers via distinct multi-level marketing separation, and was amalgamated into the stream type in the year 2014 ( The stream services are spread mostly in the whole of United States, disregarding energy which is accessible in select deregulated energy markets.


Impacts of using multi-level marketing by the stream energy

The stream associates will earn some commissions by either selling their products to their desired customers or by training new companions. They earn the commissions when they get a minimum number of customers. There are regional meetings called Business Presentations which help to promote the theory of multi-level marketing. Those selling the products in the stream energy services have an internet-based program that helps to educate new associates. For you to register as a new recruit in Georgia you have to pay $300 where each month you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $25 for website maintenance purposes. Each associate received an approximate commission ranging from $0.5 and $0.3 monthly for every customer they recruit.


Achievements of stream energy

One of the achievements of stream energy is that those women working there as associates hosted a fourth annual Women of Power Retreat which was housed in Dallas who motivated, inspired and offered mentorship to women in Stream Energy who are starting their own businesses ( The stream energy company has also acquired a chief financial officer by the name David Faranetta who will be conserved with the financial planning, accounting problems, and treasury functions. Stream Energy has been named as the top 10 most reliable electric provider in Texas which was established by the measurement study of 52 REPs in the state. It has also shown a hand of giving by donating a total of $25,000 to the American Red Cross in reaction to Hurricane Harvey which caused a lot of destruction in Texas and Louisiana.