Glen Wakeman: Getting Corporates To Donate To Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

This year alone, Puerto Rico has borne the brunt of two devastating g hurricanes which have left a severe trail of destruction and creating a serious humanitarian crisis. Hurricane Irma, which struck on 7th September, left more than 1 million people with no power. Hurricane Maria landed on 20th September and affected the efforts of power restoration and left more than 60,000 people in darkness. Puerto Rico experienced 30 hours of nonstop rain and wind speed of over 155 mph. Most of Puerto Rico’s transportation infrastructure, energy, roads, homes and almost everything else was destroyed with storm estimations reaching an all-time $90 billion.


The American Red Cross has provided swift response to the victims the two hurricanes in Puerto Rico. They have worked together with federal and community and corporate partners in mobilizing volunteers and relief supplies to the hurricane victims. The organization has shipped satellite phones as well as other technologies to assist the communication infrastructure. They have also sent medical staff to rural areas where emergency medical services are overwhelmed by the inflow of patients (BlogWebpedia).


The Red Cross efforts need to be boosted since most parts in Puerto Rico remain in disrepair and lack power. Red Cross has raised $55 million in relief funds, but more resources are needed to ensure the relief efforts are complete. The organization relies on donations from corporations as well as individuals. It has singled out some of the notable corporate donors on its website as a way of appreciation to the companies that have helped them in their relief efforts. Corporate contributions have become vital sources of relief efforts especially to organizations such as Red Cross.


Glen Wakeman


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