Securus Technologies: Providing Hi-tech Solutions to Problems Inside Penitentiaries

Securus Technologies is a systems and technology provider, mainly engaged in providing prisons in across North America with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to improve the environment in their correctional systems.


Securus is currently serving around More than 2.000, prisons in the US and Canada and has thousands of contracts scattered around the U.S., with more employees and partners in their regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus first became known for their Wireless Containment Solution which was a system designed to prevent contraband cellphones from connecting to mobile networks or wifi.


Because of the importance of communication services when it comes to prisons and correction agencies, Securus Technologies quickly became the primary choice for many agents because of their focus in quality and the option of monitoring past conversations with a click of a button.


Securus Technologies treat the positive reviews they get online from the prisons that avail their services as motivation to continue setting the standard in the industry. Many of the penitentiaries Securus serve comment that with the help of the systems and devices they set up, they were able to get intel on crimes done inside the jails by prisoners and prison staff as well.


Like in one case, a penitentiary reported that with the use of Securus provided technology, they were able to apprehend a corrupt correctional member with the power of a search warrant when they found out that he is involved in the introduction of contraband in prison. That correctional member was arrested the following day.


In another case, a penitentiary said that by monitoring inmate phone calls through a Securus system, they were able to get intel on illegal drugs inside the prison, past crimes, threats, money laundering and other recent crimes.


Right now, Securus is dominating its field as the number one communication services provider for many, and their philosophy of updating their devices every week is a big plus for their reputation.



Lending Programs At Bradesco Having Success

Bradesco is an innovative banking company that is changing the industry in numerous ways. Over the past few years, the company has made a lot of financial investments into new technology to help customers. In addition, Bradesco recently announced numerous new lending programs for customers to use.

In the coming years, the leaders at Bradesco want the company to continue growing. Although the economy in Brazil is starting to improve, there are still some challenges that banks have to deal with. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently announced that he is resigning from the company. Although he did some good things while working at Bradesco, it is time for the next CEO to take the company to a new level.

Farm Loans

The agricultural industry is one of the most important in the entire economy in Brazil. The vast majority of people who live in Brazil do some sort of farming. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for economic growth when this industry does well.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi grew up in an area where farming was vital. He understands how difficult it is to be profitable when running a farm. There are many people who need capital in order to invest in new land or equipment. However, qualifying for a loan is not always an easy process.

One of the best things that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did as CEO was to develop various lending programs for farmers. Not only did these programs increase sales for the company, but they helped a lot of local communities economically. Many farmers are willing to invest money into their farms if they could just get access to capital.

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Small Business Lending

Running a small business is also difficult. There are many small business owners who are struggling to achieve profitability in their company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the type of person who is constantly looking for new small business lending programs to offer customers.

There are many people in Brazil who would rather run their own business than work for a company. These new loan programs are a great way to help people who just need a small amount of capital to get started. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is passionate about helping small business owners throughout the country. The good news is that small business growth in Brazil continues to accelerate. Many people are ready to take their business to a new level in 2018.

Bradesco Plans

Bradesco now has to hire a new CEO to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. There are many people who work at Bradesco who will miss working with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Not only was he a good CEO, but he also made a positive impact in the local area.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is going to concentrate on other areas of his life. He is involved with a number of charities helping people throughout the community. There are many people who are excited about the work that he is going to do in the future.

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Betsey Devos meets with LGBTQ representative shortly before bathroom bill repeal

Secretary of Education Betsey Devos met with an LGBTQ representative shortly before President Trump’s actions on the 23rd of February this year. On the 23rd, President Trump repealed a groundbreaking Obama administration policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom for the gender they identified with. The move on Devos’ part was not unanticipated, as she has historically been against the Trump administration’s shift in policy. Publically, however, she’s been supportive of the president, with no public criticisms of him or his policy decisions. In regards to the bathroom bill, Devos has been shrewd enough to discuss the methods the previous administration used, instead of targeting the LGBTQ minority involved.

Devos expressed the belief that the bathroom bill was an abuse of the previous commander in chief’s powers. This is a shrewd move on Devos’ part, making sure not to publicly expose cracks in the neonatal Trump administration, while still making her displeasure known in a more private setting. Devos is new to national politics, but she’s no amateur at personality clashes, having made clear her preference for school choice well before her appointment to secretary of education. Her platform for school choice, is deeply influenced both by her ties to the Netherlands, and their policy of equal funding for both public and religious schools, as well as the dominant philosophy of her alma mater, Calvin College.

The 59-year-old is a veteran of school choice battles, and her influence can be seen in the city of Detroit’s large number of charter schools – with little regulation. Critics deride these policies as contributing to the downfall of public education, while Devos argues that the ability to choose what school their child goes to should lead to an open market, in which the top schools receive more pupils, and the lower quality ones are forced to shut their doors.

With more choice for public schools as her top priority, it’s no surprise that Devos didn’t choose to dig her heels in over the Trump repeal of Obama’s bathroom bill – a move that was widely expected, and even demanded by Trump’s larger conservative and religious constituents. The new secretary of education – following a harrowing confirmation that required Vice President Mike Pence to break the tie in her favor – is likely biding her time, to make sure that her main objective – school choice for all – isn’t railroaded later on.


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