Securus Technologies: Providing Hi-tech Solutions to Problems Inside Penitentiaries

Securus Technologies is a systems and technology provider, mainly engaged in providing prisons in across North America with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to improve the environment in their correctional systems.


Securus is currently serving around More than 2.000, prisons in the US and Canada and has thousands of contracts scattered around the U.S., with more employees and partners in their regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus first became known for their Wireless Containment Solution which was a system designed to prevent contraband cellphones from connecting to mobile networks or wifi.


Because of the importance of communication services when it comes to prisons and correction agencies, Securus Technologies quickly became the primary choice for many agents because of their focus in quality and the option of monitoring past conversations with a click of a button.


Securus Technologies treat the positive reviews they get online from the prisons that avail their services as motivation to continue setting the standard in the industry. Many of the penitentiaries Securus serve comment that with the help of the systems and devices they set up, they were able to get intel on crimes done inside the jails by prisoners and prison staff as well.


Like in one case, a penitentiary reported that with the use of Securus provided technology, they were able to apprehend a corrupt correctional member with the power of a search warrant when they found out that he is involved in the introduction of contraband in prison. That correctional member was arrested the following day.


In another case, a penitentiary said that by monitoring inmate phone calls through a Securus system, they were able to get intel on illegal drugs inside the prison, past crimes, threats, money laundering and other recent crimes.


Right now, Securus is dominating its field as the number one communication services provider for many, and their philosophy of updating their devices every week is a big plus for their reputation.



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