Fortress Investment Group Success story

Peter Briger is one of the chairmen of the Fortress Investment Group Board of Directors. Since the year 2006, Briger was serving as a member of this board until 2009 when he was made a co-chairman. Also, Briger has been among the members of Management Committee of Fortress from 2002 and is in charge of running operations that deal with real estate in the organization. Peter Briger is located in New York, New York City in the United States. He is a married man with four children. Before coming to Fortress Investment Group, Briger was a partner at the Goldman, Sachs & Co. between 1996 and 2002.

Currently, he is a serving member at a non-profit organization called Tipping Point that is involved with helping families with a low income in San Francisco. Apart from that, he is involved as a member of the board of Caliber Schools. Caliber Schools is a network that seeks to help students be prepared to succeed in the competitive period of college or further. He studied at Princeton University where he acquired his B.A. he also has an M.B.A that he got after studying business from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Peter Briger takes part in activities related to giving back to the community. He has contributed to a bunch of philanthropy. For instance, Briger partakes the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. This organization is involved with providing basic needs to the less privileged children in the community.

Briger also serves as a member of another non-profit organization called Foreign Relations that educates citizens and officials about issues related to foreign policies. Currently, Peter Briger works at the notable Fortress Investment Group. Here he serves as the principal as well as the Co-Chairman heading the Board of Directors. This organization ( Fortress Investment Group) in which Briger works is in New York and it was established in the year 1998. It is a firm that grew rapidly and can now be classified among the most successful, established and prospective firms in the United States. It deals with managing credit funds, investments, real estate and many other business activities.

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