Dr. Mark Holterman: Putting The “Care” Back In Healthcare

To give care to those in need is the very bare definition of what a Doctor does. And doctors like Dr. Mark Holterman are just that: caregivers. Not only an accomplished medical doctor and Professor at the prestigious University of Illinois, Holterman is a philanthropist on a mission. His continued support of many children’s health organizations has shown his propensity to share the wealth.


He has shown support for groups like the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for The Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), an organization in the country. The IPSAC-VN provides vital surgical training to medical students there, allowing them to learn advanced techniques and updated technologies in the field. Without this training, children in the country face higher mortality due to medical professionals lacking general surgery skills (TheNewsVersion). Procedures that no one would bat an eye at here in America, could spell a death sentence for many children there. Holterman and the group aim to provide the knowledge necessary to these doctors so they can perform procedures like organ transplants and brain surgery. But his reach and support don’t end there.


Dr. Holterman not only supports the efforts of the IPSAC-VN, he wears many hats in the pediatric medical sector. Holterman is attending pediatric surgeon for not one, but TWO revered medical centers in his home-base of Illinois. Then if you look to the CEO position at Mariam Global Health, you’ll see Holterman’s name gracing the space. Mariam is a leading research and development company for the medical realm. They have ties to research in new technologies, such as stem cell therapy and disease treatment. The doctor also supports a charity called Children’s Surgery International, which helps provide a home and care to orphaned girls in Vietnam.


The research and knowledge provided to the medical field by Dr. Holterman can only be described as overwhelming (https://markholterman.wordpress.com/). As he continues to add to the value and wealth of information already available, he leaves behind a legacy of truly caring for those he treats. By giving back in so many ways, and continuing to push medical technology forward, he embodies what a doctor should be. Bringing to the table not only enough compassion to go around, but the motivation to make the world a better place.

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The Accomplishments of Brazil’s Prominent Publicist, Alexandre Gama

The Accomplishments of Brazil’s Prominent Publicist, Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a celebrated advertising professional who has won numerous awards and accolades in his career life in the industry. He is the founder and owner of Neogama, a Brazilian publicity agency that has won many first awards in the national and international arena. Below are some of the outstanding awards that the advertisement titan and his company have earned in his 35-old career.

Career Accomplishments

Alexandre Gama has accomplished much in his career life compared to many professionals in the industry. In 1996, he became the CEO and a member of the Global Board of Young& Rubican agency. He left the firm in 1999 and founded his agency, Neogama. In the first year of its operation, the company won the Lion at the Cannes festival. The organization also recorded the fastest growth in the industry in its first three years of operations. In 2003, Neogama again won two Golden Lions at the Cannes Festival.

Personal Accomplishments

In 2006, he received nominations as one of the seven most prominent publicity professionals in Brazil’s history. In the same year, he earned an election as the Agency Director of the year. He has won a total of 23 Lions at the Cannes Festival and served on the jury three times in the festival.